Corporate Profile

 Capworks Management was established in 1989 to provide high quality professional services embracing the management of planning, design construction and commissioning of technically and functionally complex projects, particularly in the healthcare field.

Since 1989 we have delivered projects in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia and consistently demonstrated a high level of skill and achievement in our core business.

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Service Concept

Founded upon the precept that facility investment is not usually our Client’s mainstream activity, we become the Client´s “Executive Director” from project feasibility through to completion.

Our experience enables us to manage effectively through the peer groups and committees that are central to the management of complex projects. Success in our business is ultimately dependent upon a strong working relationship with our clients.

Management Procedures

Management Procedures

Capworks Management's procedures are founded on our belief in the importance of the active involvement of all stakeholders in the project, and on candid and accurate reporting.

Capbase, the groups own unique project procedures database, allowing instantaneous reporting of all key project parameters.

It is our policy to ensure that all pertinent issues are tabled immediately so that the client group is aware at the earliest time of any risk or opportunity. This provides a basis for the most effective and informed decision making.



Capworks Management QLD is

  • Pre-qualified by the Queensland Department of Public Works with a PQC rating of Level 4 – “Leading edge practice in a multi-sectoral global context” Registration Number 0352A.
  • A registered builder - project managment services, QBCC Licence No. 1132454
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2015 – Certificate Number 5697
  • Certified to ISO 45001:2018 - Certificate Number 5760
  •  Member of Australian Institute of Project Management