Dr James Mayne Building

Joyce Tweddell Building

Ned Hanlon Building

Atrium - Ned Hanlon Building


Queensland Health


$500 million

Key Team Members

Geoff Moore/Bill Geerlings

Project Description

The developments at Herston, approved by the Queensland Government, ensured that the two major adult hospitals, ie. the RBH and RWH would have by the year 2002, the best new public hospital facilities in Australia.

These facilities ensured that our health care professionals could offer optimal levels of patient diagnosis, treatment and care.

Whilst the RBH and RWH at the time remained eminent hospitals for their local catchment populations in Brisbane, they also continued to provide care and support for all other parts of Queensland, particularly for tertiary level services.

The incorporation of modern technologies including facilities such as telemedicine, allowed many of the hospital services to reach all parts of the State, almost on an "on demand" basis. In addition, the new facilities allowed the hospitals to expand their treatment horizon to our international neighbours in South East Asia and the South West Pacific rim.