Springfield Central State School

“Many thanks for being so efficient and easy to work with”

Angela Gooley, Principal of Springfield Central State School


Chancellor State College

"You have done an absolutely brilliant job, thanks for all your help and assistance and going above and beyond to get this item resolved"

Troy Daley, Senior Project Coordinator, Porfolio Delivery, Department of Education


Theodore Private Practice Centre

"Capworks have worked with us throughout the project as supervisor and intermediary and have meticulously checked the building at completion and in the 12 months defects period. Their communications have been clear and actionable. 

I am happy to say that our experience with Capworks has been a good one and that we are delighted with the building that they have project managed."

Dr Bruce Chater, CEO of Theodore Private Practice Centre


Herston Complex

"For the record, the Herston projects [Royal Brisbane Hospital, Royal Women’s Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital] have been enormously successful and I am acutely aware that your excellent leadership and stewardship have been critical in this regard."

Dr Robert Stable, Director General of QLD Health


Royal Brisbane & Royal Women's Hospital

"Our mission has well and truly been accomplished, but in addition, the project team has met or exceeded the number of goals we set ourselves 7 years ago, including the provision of: efficient and functional facilities for patient care, teaching and research; a high quality environment for patients and staff; to maximise the flexibility of design to accommodate future changes in health care delivery, to achieve value for money. 

There is little doubt in my mind that our success has in large measure been due to the teamwork and leadership that has been a feature of the Royal Brisbane & Royal Women’s project throughout. I compliment the project team on the manner in which Australia’s largest health care building project has been managed to a very successful completion. 

…the relationship between Capworks Management, and in part yourself, and Qld Health has been a cornerstone of this project and undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the project’s success.”

David Jay, Director Capital Works Branch

"... my expectations for the way in which the project would be managed have been exceeded. The difficult task of balancing the relationship between funding body, contractors and the hospital was expertly managed and an excellent result was achieved.
Thank you indeed for the excellent way in which your company, and yourself in particular, have managed this component of the project."

Terry Hughes, CEO of Royal Women’s Hospital

"It has become clear that not only have the traditional project objectives of time and cost been exceeded, but our corporate objectives for the project have also been met and in many cases exceeded. 

I thank you and your project team for the outstanding and innovative way in which this project has been managed."

Dr John Menzies, CEO of Royal Brisbane & Royal Women’s Hospital


Confirmation of Capworks’ project management capabilities by our peers is indicated by the achievement of various Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Awards. 

APIM Award - 2010

The Weipa Integrated Services Facility project which won the 2010 award for the best project in the category of Regional Development. (PDF)

APIM Award - 2004

The Glengallan Homestead Restoration project which won the 2004 AIPM President’s Award. (PDF)

APIM Award - 2003

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital project which won the 2003 AIPM High Commendation Award. (PDF)